Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wandern Around Switzerland

Hello all. I have spent the last two days in Interlacken, Switzerland. This town is the adrenaline sports hotspot. From my hostel you can book skydiving, canyoning, paragliding, white water trips, mountain biking etc.. If you are into any of those and have tons of money (ranging from 150 - 350 US$ each), summer would be the liveliest time to be here. Since it is now pushing into Fall, and they are catching some snow up in the mountains, alot of those activities are not happening. So it has been very quiet and relaxing with minimal tourists. Switzerland has a huge network of well marked trails for wandern (swiss word for hiking) in the mountains to and between the surrounding towns. To save money I caught a train up through Lauterbrunnen and then a cable car to a town called Gimmelwald which is at 4600' and has a population of around 140. It was pretty amazing! From there I hiked up another 2900' or so. Here are pics of the day:

Views of mountains outside of Interlaken
View from the train station at Lauterbrunnen
Town of Gimmelwald
Great trail marking system leaving Gimmelwald
Houses in Gimmelwald
This cow probably has the best view ever
More cows on the hiking path, they all had bells on their necks so they couldn't sneak up on me:)
Laurna, cow I win!
Yep a farmer lives here.
The cable system is how they get supplies
The peaks where catching some crazy clouds
View of Gimmelwald from above; almost back down
Dinner at a restaurant in Gimmelwald
Sunset in Interlaken


  1. Awesome pics! I enjoy your commentary as well. And come on, that cow won!
    Be safe.

  2. I'm with Jill, I think the Cow Won too ;) These shots are great. I can't even imagine how spectacular the scenery is.

  3. I did pretty much the same thing you're doing when I was in Interlaken for a couple of nights, wandering the Alps by myself. I did go hang gliding and it was totally fun. I hiked the Eiger trail where The North Face is too. I always made sure to stop in a town for a beer or three at the end of each hike! Have one for me...


  4. good shit Walker keep the photos coming, and i'll keep you updated on the Steelers, but not the Hokies as were 0-2 after to losing to James freakin Madison...

    vs ATL: DEF looked great, Troy is back in full throttle with a INT to save the game. OFF not so great...Leftwich hurt, Dixon in as QB and looks pretty bad, throwing a lot to the other team. Mendenhall looks awesome with the game winning 50yd run in OT. Ward is still solid. Up next: at TEN v Chris Johnson. PIT 1-0


  5. Ryan,
    I booked a flight to meet you in Italy.
    Details coming soon.
    Love, Mom