Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Hello all. Here are some quick thoughts on Amsterdam. This place is incredibly biketastic! I have not been to a city where the number of bikes on the streets so far outnumber the automobiles. It is great to see. There had to be 1000 bikes parked outside of Amsterdam Central Station when I arrived on the train the morning of 9/8. The city is fairly small with a population around 750k and a system of canals forming almost half circles moving outwards from the oldest area of the city around Amsterdam Central Station and the adjacent red light district. Overall fairly easy to navigate and very pedestrian friendly. The architecture is typically multi level buildings; most were built in the late 1600's. Heres a couple pics through the rain.
View from the museumplein of the Rljksmuseum
House boats on a canal.
Typical Architecture around the city.
Perfect sized door for Laurna into a bar :)

View of the canal locks as the clouds break for a minute.


  1. Hey Ry-Guy! Sweet pics! Can I contact Webster to see about adding "biketastic" to the next edition? Just sayin'...

  2. I love when I'm the only one that fits through the bar entrance!

  3. Hi Ryan!!!
    Love the pics - especially Michael Jackson - and what museum?
    Love you!!!