Monday, September 13, 2010

Belgium or bust

I know zou (the z and y are switched on this kez board, this is difficult) have all been looking forward to the next update ;) I headed out of Amsterdam on Friday with my friend Craig on a quick trip to Belgium. Antwerp was the first destination. It turned out to be a great foodie city full of excellent places to eat, drink, and some more great architecture and sculptures thrown in. The locals seemed a little friendlier than the residents of Amsterdam. The number of bikers also took a big drop. Over Saturday and Sunday morning we were able to see pretty much everything of significance. Saturday evening we ended up in a jazz place called De Muze; I recommend it not only because it was free but the jazz quartet was pretty decent. Check some pictures:
De Kathedral from de distance.
Picture doesn't do this any justice. Inside of  De Kathedral.
De Kathedral closeup.

Market Square.
Cool sculpture outside of De Kathedral.


  1. Nice pics Walker. Try taking some with you in them. Where is Le Craig At?

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