Saturday, September 18, 2010

Goodbye Switzerland!

I have to be honest here, being a CO resident I of course love our mountains but Switzerland!!!! This place continues to amaze. From Grindewald (the canyon south of gimmelwald)I hiked the Eiger Trail up to the base of the Eiger Glacier to get a closer look at the famous Eiger North Face climbing routes. Unfortunately the fog didn't cooperate and it was pretty socked in. I did get some good views of the adjacent monch and jungfrau peaks. While there I learned that the Eiger Glacier is receding at an alarming rate of around 30m per year and will pretty much be gone by the end of the century. If that is not proof positive of global warming I don't know what is...

From there i headed east and south out of Interlaken and hopped a train over to Engelberg. It is a small town sandwiched between two ski resorts at the base of Mt Titlis. Note to self, come back in the winter! Again the weather did not cooperate, but I did manage to catch a break and get some shots from a high alpine lake.

Earlier this afternoon I traveled north out of Engleberg to Lucerne. It is a pretty city of 60k situated right on Lake Lucern. It has a good bit of history to it with a lot dating back to the 13-14th century. I spent some time exploring and then hit the weekend town market and then a cheese festival. Who would have thought of that in Switzerland;) On the road again tomorrow as I travel to Italy and the Cinque Terre Nat'l Park. I am stoked! I will post tons of pics as soon as I can get my hands on a computer. Take care all!

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