Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo Dump Edition!

Greetings from Cinque Terre National Park in Italy! This place is incredible! For those who have not heard of it, Cinque Terre National Park is a portion of coastline and surrounding hillside along the Italian Riviera. It is comprised of five villages; Monterossa, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The area is full of terraces with grape vineyards and olive trees along the hillside that run up to cliffs overlooking the sea. I have tons of photos of the area to go through, but until then here are recent photos from Grindewald, Engleberg and Lucern Switzerland. Tomorrow I am heading to Florence with a pit stop in Pisa to check out the leaning tower!

Views from above Grindewald along the Eiger Trail: The Eiger

Eiger Glacier

Eiger Glacier with Jungfrau in the background

Eiger North Face
Where did the Eiger go?
Ski lift at the base of the Eiger!
View from above Grindewald on the way down the Eiger trail
Almost down
Whoa, two headed pig!
View while hiking in the ski resort above Engleberg

Lucerne, Switzerland

Perimeter wall around Lucerne

View from top of perimeter wall tower

Lion of Lucerne, saddest sculpture ever

Mt Titlus as seen from Lucerne


  1. I loved Monterossa - I wonder if the same old man still runs the hotel I stayed in. He had the biggest calves from walking up and down stairs all day. Only problem with Italy is all the stray cats. Enjoy Firenze and Pisa. Check your email, will tell you where in Firenze you must check out - Kim studied there for 2 months ;)

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Love your latest photos and look forward to the next chapter. This is a great story!!!
    Love you,

  3. your Eiger pics are surreal, almost fake looking they're so freakin cool. that cloud rolling through made even more spectacular.

    PIT update, wk2 v TEN: DEF is incredible, Troy had yet another INT in the end zone, and we shut down the best RB in the league/C.Johnson (32yds,0td,1fumble), and QB/V.Young got body slammed on his head by Harrison then benched. OFF is struggling, Ben out till week 6, Byron hurt, Dixon hurt, Batch starting this week vs TB. 2-0 start, who'da thought...

    lee left today for the stewarts' wedding on the Corolla beach of OBX, needless to say they are all very excited.

  4. I had very sore toes after that Eiger trail from walking downhill the whole time! Made me wish for snow and my board!

  5. ST! Where the fbomb are you? Amazing photos! Great story ... great idea to have a blog. I'm following the adventures - thanks for sharing.

    - JB

  6. The Eiger pics are beautiful! We all miss you here, so glad you're having such a great time.