Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When in Rome...

Hello from Greece Friends and Family!  Following my trip to Napoli I headed Northwest to Roma (Rome), where I spent the past four days. Rome was everything I expected and more. History is everywhere you look.  Not just your everyday Italian 12th or 13th century cathedral either... I'm talking old here: Pantheon 120AD, Collosseum started in 72AD, St. Peters Basilica consecrated in the 2nd century AD, Sculptures and paintings by Michaelangelo, Roman Forum and Palantine Hill began in the 7th century BC, Popes, etc. This is an amazing city! I had the opportunity to see lost sculptures by Michelangelo, false domes on cathedrals, stand in the foot steps of the pope, see tons of Renaissance artwork in the Vatican museum, learn a good bit of Roman history including the story of the olive oil pipeline they built, view underground burial chambers, and learn the history of Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. It was definitely one of my favorite cities so far. First things first: here are some pictures from Napoli, Pompeii, and then Rome. From there I packed my bags and headed into Greece to meet up with Laurna!! We are currently being beach bum/bunny in Mykonos, Greece with a trip to Santorini up next. Greece pictures to follow soon. For now enjoy!
Best Pizza ever! From Da Michelle in Napoli.
View of the imposing Mount Vesuvius from above Napoli.
Well preserved victim of the Vesuvius eruption in Pompeii. Creepy petrified skull bone!
Pompeii home ruins.
Streets of Pompeii.
Amazing brick oven in a Pompeii bakery.
Nice view; big volcano.
Port town of Procida outside of Napoli.
Colosseum in Rome.
Ruins of Rome's beginnings at Palantine Hill.
Trevi Fountain in Rome.
More ruins.
Guess what this is? Locals call it "the wedding cake."
Look at all the freaking types of tomatos. Market in Campo de Fiori where restaurants come to pick up choice produce.
Vatican Museum. There is so much stuff in here, they had to start using the ceiling space. 
Popes view when he addresses the masses!
Vatican Square, view of St. Peter's Basilica.
Pictures do no justice to the inside of St. Peter's Basilica.
Fountain in Piazza Navona.
 Sculpture in the Michelangelo designed Piazza del Campidoglio
Lost sculpture by Michelangelo. It was found in a cathedral basement with an incomplete head and completed by another artist. He had a different picture of Jesus' head and neck in mind than Michelangelo when he began the sculpture, thus the out of proportion head and mullet.

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