Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slovenia and heading east!

Dober dan all, greetings from Slovenia (that is hello in Slovenian if you were wondering). I have spent the past five days visiting Ljubljana (Loob – U – Lana) and Bled. I was accompanied by my friend Brian “Big Perm” Ward who hopped a quick flight over from London for a long weekend. Good times were had! This was a great country. Throw Colorado, Switzerland, and Virginia in a hat mix it up and out comes Slovenia. It is proud country full of very friendly locals, rolling green hills, the Julian Alps, deep deep lakes and more than half is covered in forest. I didn’t even have the chance to visit the Karst region in the south, coastal area along the Adriatic, or the Soca Valley. 

While in Ljubljana we stayed in the Hostel Celica which was a converted cold war military prison. A group of slovenian architects and artists staged a protest and used their bodies to prevent the prisons demolition. They were then given the opportunity to redesign the building interior with each "cell" converting to a hostel room. Each had their own style and layout. Very cool! 

In Bled, we got to check out Lake Bled, rented some bikes to visit some small towns in the hills, and hiked in Vintgar Gorge. BP and I also had the opportunity to spend some time visiting with a family in Bled and share some local fares with them. To catch you all up, first are some pictures from Venice, Italy and then Slovenia. Next stop Budapest Hungary. Enjoy!

Canal in Venice. This city was confusing and super hard to navigate but you end up only being lost for a little while. It was part of the experience.

Cool Dead end in Venice.
Grand Canal in Venice.
San Marco Square in Venice.
Closeup of the chapel.

View of old town Ljubljana from the castle on the hill.
View of the "newer" areas of town and the Julian Alps behind.
The area behind the hostel was an old military barracks that was converted into a music, art, and cultural center.
Lake Bled with Bled Castle on the hill.
More Lake Bled, what a cool name:)
Waterfall in Vintgar Gorge. Note the VA like fall colors!
Vintgar Gorge again.


  1. Now I know where Cinderella lives! Did you book a room in Bled Castle? Beautiful!!!

  2. I can't believe you stayed in cold war prison cells! Did you see any ghosts? could you sleep through the night? Slovenia looks beautiful - hope to visit some day! Lake Bled is really pretty, so is the gorge. how long was your hike? hope you're keeping warm in budapest!!!