Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eastern Europe Edition

Hello all from Prague, Czech Republic. This is the final stop on my European adventure. I am sad for my trip to end but am looking forward to catching back up with all of you and sharing some more stories! I have seen a ton! Officially I will be back in town on Wednesday 11/3. Look me up on a mountain near you (powder days anyone?) or one of many fine Denver establishments! On with the blog.

I visited Budapest, Hungary last week. An interesting fact is that the city is split down the middle by the mighty Danube River, the city on the west bank is called Buda and the east Pest. I spent several days just hiking around and checking out both spots. I got to explore Buda castle overlooking the entire city and the catacombs underneath. In pest, I spent a day hanging at a natural thermal bath. There were pools, interior and exterior, with varying mineral content and temperature. There were also saunas and exercise pools with doctors on hand for consultation. It was definitely the Hungarian thing to do. Relaxing!!

From there I headed northwest along the Danube to Bratislava, Slovakia. This was a quick stop as it really is a small city and doesn't warrant more than a day or two. While there I visited he historic downtown area, the Bratislava Castle and the UFO bridge. Then I headed east to Prague. Enjoy the pics of Budapest and Bratislava! See you all soon!
View of Buda Castle from the chain bridge.
View of Parliament and the Danube from  Buda Castle.
Buda Castle.

Cool sculpture in the catacombs under Buda Castle.
Cathedral in Bratislava.
View of old town Bratislava from the castle.
Bratislava Castle.
Bronze sculpture called "rubber neck" in Bratislava.


  1. It seems that 'pest' got the short stick in the name selection, huh? Your pictures are great. Thanks for sharing. What's the UFO bridge? Should I know that?!????
    Can't wait for you to come back and I'm glad you've enjoyed your travels!

  2. You didn't apply for an absentee ballot did you?